Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge


“I find Bebras a great challenge for our kids and find it helps to promote computational thinking with our teachers and students. With the new Australian Curriculum now endorsed it is a great resource.” Tony Hall, William Carey Christian School, NSW.

What is the Bebras Australia Challenge?

Bebras is an international student Computational Thinking Challenge and Bebras Australia is run by CSIRO Education and Outreach through the Digital Careers program. The goal is to promote Computational Thinking to students in a way that highlights student ability beyond Science or Maths skills.

Why do the Bebras Australia Challenge?

♦ Bebras Australia is a free online resource.
♦ Students have 45 -60 minutes to complete the challenge.
♦ Students can participate individually or in small groups (up to four)
♦ When working in teams collaboration is encouraged.


There are 5 Year Group categories

Years 3+4
Years 5+6
Years 7+8
Years 9+10
Years 11+12

The Challenge

♦ The challenge is made up of 15 questions ranging in difficulty.
♦ Students in Year 3 & 4 have 60 minutes and students in Year 5 – 12 have 45 minutes to complete the challenge.
♦ The challenge is open twice a year for 2 weeks.
♦ Students can complete the challenge in one sitting at anytime within the two weeks.
♦ Teachers are able to download student results.
♦ Certificates of participation are automatically generated ready for teachers to download.
♦ In the first challenge of the year, students who receive full marks are placed on the Honour Roll and will be sent a special certificate.
♦ Students are able to log back in after the challenge has closed, see their results and re-do questions receiving immediate feedback.

How to get involved


Teacher? Simply head to the Teacher Registration link above or click here.

You can register as many teachers as you like under your school name and once registered, you will have access to an array of resources.

Student? Chat with your teacher about your schools participation.