Bebras Results are available

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Dear Coordinators,

We have graded the March 2016 Bebras Challenge and the results are now available.

We have also uploaded the 2016 Solutions Guide to the Documents section in the Coordinators corner on the Bebras Server. There, you will find a very detailed analysis of Bebras 2016 (ranking, percentiles, participation numbers, results per question, etc), together with the certificates template, should you need to manually generate student certificates, for example because your students participated under a pseudonym. In the Coordinators corner, go to Export Files and click on ‘Download testimonials’ to download the system-generated student certificates.


The students can log back into the system with their accounts to check their answers. The system now behaves differently, meaning that students can go back to the questions and answer them again, but this time the system will provide immediate feedback (review mode).

If you like, you can work with your students through the solutions guide, which has all the questions and all the answers.

Happy Easter,


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