Bebras Australia 2016 Honour Roll


We’re excited to congratulate the top-scoring students from the first round of the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge 2016. 

Years 3 & 4 

Flynn Thayer, St Augustine’s Primary School – Victoria
Isabella Cauchi, St Augustine’s Primary School – Victoria
William Petrini, Holy Spirit School – Queensland
Molly Thompson, Holy Spirit School – Queensland
Ethan Schutz, Holy Spirit School – Queensland
Matilda Noble, St Hilda’s ASG – Western Australia 
Ruby Templeton, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Claire Codman, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Elise Davies, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Sophia Clark, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Alyssa Milburn, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Jake Morgan, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Holly Cunningham, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Nathaniel Chow, Citipointe Christian College – Queensland
Sebastian LaHei, Lindfield Public School – New South Wales
Ellie Beck, Lindfield Public School – New South Wales
Anna Huynh, Lindfield Public School – New South Wales
Samantha Zhang,  Shire Christian School – New South Wales
Benjamin Davidson, Shire Christian School – New South Wales
Laiana Chong, Shire Christian School – New South Wales
Matthew Macarthur, Shire Christian School – New South Wales
Jayden Gonano, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Campbell Harris, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales

Years 5 & 6

Caleb Wilson, Gladstone Central State School – Queensland
Dylan Price, Gladstone Central State School – Queensland
Adam Hamwi, Gladstone Central State School – Queensland
Alex Rohde, Faith Christian School of Distance Education – Queensland
Jasmine Leong, Faith Christian School of Distance Education – Queensland
Danny Phung, St. Philip’s Primary School – Victoria
Maria Petrolo, Irymple South Primary School – Victoria
Zali Doolan, Irymple South Primary School – Victoria
Ella Burford, Irymple South Primary School – Victoria
Max Brideson, Dominic College – Victoria
Harry Breslin, Dominic College – Victoria
Oscar Breslin, Dominic College – Victoria
Jack Cassidy, Dominic College – Victoria
Anna Kelly, Living Waters Lutheran School – Northern Territory
Riley Snell, Holy Spirit School – Queensland
Abigail Fellows, Holy Spirit School – Queensland
Joel Prescott, Holy Spirit School – Queensland
Phoebe Lovegrove, St Hilda’s ASG – Western Australia
Jerome William, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Ria Ratanjee, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Brianna Duval, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Olivia Catford, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Shenal Dharmatilleke, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Madison Ellice, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Emma McBrien, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Ryan Cochrane, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Suren Jansz, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Rebecca Calabro, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Xylia Wang, Good News Lutheran School – Queensland
Joel Creamer, Citipointe Christian College – Queensland
Tiaan Du Plessis, Citipointe Christian College – Queensland
Matea Zhao, Citipointe Christian College – Queensland
Jordan Harwood, Citipointe Christian College – Queensland
Carmen Oxenford, Citipointe Christian College – Queensland
Yeong Costello, Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School – New South Wales
Lachlan Glassock, Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School – New South Wales
Nathan Adlem, Calvin Christian School – Tasmania
Matilda Hartog, Calvin Christian School – Tasmania
Yasmin Hartog, Calvin Christian School – Tasmania
Tam Shea, Calvin Christian School – Tasmania
Rowena Brown, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Charlie Sullivan, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Fergus Williams, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Zach Lucas, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Toby Laybutt, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Kiera Morrissey, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Nicholas Greenhouse, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Freya Carmody, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Jonathan Huang, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Amelia Jenkins, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Cassie Graham, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Zhan Wei Koh, Lindfield Public School, New South Wales
Peter Bearsley, St John’s Primary – Victoria
Benedict Macpherson, St John’s Primary – Victoria
Nathan Russell, Shire Christian School – New South Wales
Callum Wilkes, Shire Christian School – New South Wales
Jack Hurst, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Ethan Naidu, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Timothy De Guia, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Necean Santos, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Kobe Zagorac, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Kevin Su, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Julia Disney, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Xavia White, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Min Ki Shin, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Matthew Kiss, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Kaden Lopez, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Nandini Nishanthan Balasingham, William Carey Christian School – New South Wales
Amelia Munday, CC Home School – New South Wales


Years 7 & 8

Hannah Keegan, Faith Christian School of Distance Education – Queensland
Kavi Wilson Rajaratnam, Presbyterian Ladies College – Victoria
Brodie Donohoe, The Hutchins School – Tasmania
Amelia Munday, CC Home School – New South Wales


Years 9 & 10
Ethan Near, St Joseph’s College Geelong – Victoria
Jeremy Leaversuch, Christ Church Grammar School – Western Australia
Malika Aggarwal, Presbyterian Ladies College – Victoria
Helena Wen, Presbyterian Ladies College – Victoria
Tina Tang, Presbyterian Ladies College – Victoria
Jacqueline Liow, Presbyterian Ladies College – Victoria
Bailey Reichman, Bracken Ridge State High School – Queensland
Cormac Kikkert, Gungahlin College – Australian Capital Territory 
Timothy, Horscroft, Gungahlin College – Australian Capital Territory 
Chloe Lim, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar – Victoria
Caitlin Nguyen, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar – Victoria
Antigony Haikalis, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar – Victoria
Christopher Piller, Parramatta Marist High School – New South Wales


Years 11 & 12

Lachlan Baxter, Bradfield Senior College – New South Wales
Mingyu Guo, Bradfield Senior College – New South Wales
Makito Mizushima, Sydney Home Education Network – New South Wales