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Bebras Australia

Computational Thinking Challenge

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2019 Dates:

4th – 15th March 2019

26th August – 6th September 2019


The Bebras Challenge

Want to be part of the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge? We’d love to have you!

The challenge is a great way to learn about computational thinking and problem solving skills. Teachers can use this as class resource and the best part? It’s free!





Bebras 365

Don’t feel like doing the challenge but still want to use Bebras Australia as a classroom resource? Why not use Bebras 365!





Teacher Professional Learning

Are you after Teacher Professional Learning? We run ‘How to’ sessions on the use of the system and how the Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge aligns with the Australian Curriculum. We also take a look at how you can target specific computation thinking skills with your students. We’d love to hear from you so you can join our next webinar!

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