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Bebras 365

Looking to use ICT in education? In addition to the biannual Bebras challenge, Bebras 365 is available as a free ICT resource throughout the year.  Teachers and students have access to the Bebras task catalogues from previous years. We have configured them so that no student logins are required and that the system will give immediate feedback to students once they click on an answer. However, no certificates will be produced by the system.

There are 15 computational thinking problems to be solved. These are presented under three levels of difficulty – Easy, Medium, Hard – each consisting of 5 questions. The questions get progressively more difficult as students advance upwards through the school system. There are 5 categories:

  • Years 3+4
  • Years 5+6
  • Years 7+8
  • Years 9+10
  • Years 11+12


The following links will take you to the Bebras Challenge Server where you can access the Bebras 365 tasks:

Bebras 2014 Tasks

Available Groups:

Bebras 2015 Tasks

Available Groups:

Bebras 2016 Tasks

Available Groups:

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Solution Guides

All the tasks, detailed solutions, and further information about the computer science that sits behind the tasks can be downloaded from below.

Download 2014 Solutions Guide Download 2015 Solutions Guide